SendEmail ‘Wrapper’

I came across a fantastic tool for sending emails from the command line written by Brandon Zehm called SendEmail this works for various operating systems but the one I was interested in was Windows. I wanted to be able to schedule and configure this email to automate some email tasks. To achieve this I created a ‘wrapper’ that creates the command for running SendEmail while making it easier to configure. The parameters I needed and have therefore focused on are:

  • TO Email Address
  • CC Email Address
  • FROM Email Address
  • SMTP Server (without authentication, this is primarily for local/internal use)
  • Email Subject
  • Email Message (pulling in a .txt file that can contain HTML code)
  • Attachment File Name

The parameters are provided by an .ini file making it easy for anyone to update the details and manage the scheduled email going forward.

[su_note]This code is currently private and needs sanitising to remove private details/defaults. If you would like a copy please contact me.

You will need a copy of SendEmail from Brandon Zehm. If you like the software then please go to his site and make a donation.

Also while there you could check out TSheets where Brandon spends his days for all your timesheets and invoicing needs. This ‘software’ would be provided as-is and free.[/su_note]

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